Thinking About Craft Kits

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

This is my first craft kit!

A lot of deliberation has gone into how this bracelet will look. The bracelet was my starting point, once I got that right, I came up with the necklace design quite easily, as a perfect paring for the bracelet.

With this kit, I wanted to introduce the ideas of blending clay to make a different colour, and the technique of mixing two colours to make a marble effect. I also wanted to show the method by which you can get consistently sized beads for your jewellery, without the guess work!

A lot of time was spent thinking about a clasp for the bracelet. There was glue involved! And a lot of clumsy knots. In the end I decided on a simple slide knot - it's effective, gives a nice clean look, and is easy to do. This slide knot transforms any bit of string into a bracelet.

The clasp for the necklace needed more thought again. Again, more glue. Again, more knots. When making my own jewellery to sell, I often use glue-in cord ends, but I was wanting to avoid the use of glue in this kit. Eventually, I came up with the idea of crimp beads. These are easy and effective. Previously, I have used very small (1mm) crimp beads with wire; I found these large (4mm) crimp beads, and they work well with the cord. Again, they are easy to use and very effective.

Many of my pendants have a 'shamballa knot', so they are fully adjustable in length. And of course these can be used in bracelets (that is where they are normally used - see one I have made below). I felt this was too complicated to use in this kit, but I will do a video to explain the technique and you could chose to use it yourself in the future.

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